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Here are we discuss the different types of best keyboards, which are very smooth and the best controller. As you know at this time there are many keyboards are available in the market and Social platforms at different prices. But you do not know about the quality of the keyboard that what type of keyboards are good for games, and for typing work, and also other activities. Therefore we wrote a great amazing Blog so that you can understand, that what type of things you need, and what type of keyboard you should take. In the list below you can check keyboards that’s are top in the Markit.

1. Corsair K100 RGB Optical


It is the best keyboard for gaming and for other works, completely smooth. It has premium options. Corsair is an Enormous keyboard. If we discuss its features or specifications. It is a completely lightning keyboard, USB, most the software, and RGB all time.


Switch: Corsair OPX Size: Full-size Backlights: RGB Passthroughs: USBMedia Controls: Dedicated Wristrest: Detachable Keycaps: PBT double-shot

  • Responsive optical switches
  • All the RGB, all the time
  • Premium build quality
why should avoid
  • Lots of software

2. Cherry Stream Desktop Keyboard


Cherry Stream keyboard is not good in look, but it is a very good working keyboard in less price. it is the best keyboard in 2021. It also delivers a great performance. The setup of this keyboard is very casual users will appreciate it.



  • Interface: USB wireless receiver
  • Keyboard backlighting: No
  • Switches: Cherry SX  scissor
why you should buy
  • Incredibly straightforward and well easy setup
why you should avoid
  • Plain design

3. Razer Pro Type


The Razer Pro keyboard is very well at a low price. If you want to play games you can take Razer pro. Even it is simple in look but it’s working is very well. Razer Pro is available in the market in both types with wire and also wireless. You will be glad to pay because it has extra options. The wireless keyboards have a simple battery which is no charge, but we can get it easily to any nearby shop. Therefore we add it to the best keyboards. It product you can buy on the Amazon platform.


  • Interface: Bluetooth 2.4GHz wireless
  • Keyboard backlighting: Yes
  • Switches: Orange Mechanical switch

why you should buy

  • Quiet mechanical keys.
  • USB-C charger.
  • Connects to four wireless devices without re-pairing.

4. Filco Ninja Majestouch-2

We have never seen before stylish keyboard like Filco Ninja. It is a stylish wireless keyboard and good for games behemoths. Filco Ninja is completely thin in look. It is a Scissor switch mechanism and a useful unique dial.


Interface: Wireless

Switches: mechanism

why you should buy

Weighty, solid constructions 

Useful and unique

Avoid Reason

Little Expensive

5.Apple Magic Keyboards


Apple Magic Keyboards are very good-looking and comfortable keyboards. Hope you feel pleasure after the buy. It is a very simple keyboard for MAC users. It is simple to use due to its reliability. Turn it on only, it is automatically connected to your Mac only needs charging like other Bluetooth keyboards.


  • Interface: Wireless
  • Keyboards backlighting: Yes
  • Switches: Scissor

Why you should take

  • Thin and compact
  • A pleasure to use
  • well price , No cheap

Thank you for reading, if you want to learn about many games, knowns about new mobiles. You can visit our other Blog posts


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