Clubhouse Allows Linking Instagram, Twitter Accounts on Android Beta App;

Clubhouse Android app has reached two-million users mark, Twitter Accounts on Android Beta App, according to the company.

Clubhouse Allows Linking Instagram, Twitter Accounts on Android Beta App; to End Invitation System
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HILIGHTS About Android Beta App

According to the most recent beta release note for users of the Clubhouse app. On Android can now link their Twitter and Instagram accounts to their profiles. The developers have also rolled out updates that make it easier to follow spokesman. And developers learn about forthcoming events on a Club page. Furthermore, the developers have claimed that the software would be given to the public “sometime this summer,” implying that anyone will be able to join the platform freely. To join the app right now, you will need an invitation.

Twitter Accounts on Android Beta App;

According to the most recent Android release notes of the beta app, users of the Clubhouse may link their Instagram and Twitter account to their profiles to permit people to “get to understand you,” follow your other accounts, and DM you (if your Instagram / Twitter settings allow for it).”  Testers can go to their profiles and tap Add Twitter or Add Instagram to add the account link to their profile.

Users may now follow people and clubs right from their Room. Because of a new update to the Clubhouse Android app. If you’re in a room and you like the discussion, of a particular spokesman, touch follow button in the Room at the bottom of the screen. Additionally, when a Club has multiple forthcoming events, users can now easily find them. “Simply click to the Club page and you’ll see all its forthcoming events. you will be able to browse through them. If there’s quite one,” the notes explained. Moreover, you will press the bell icon to be altered when that particular event starts.

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In another Clubhouse Android app-related development, the developers tweeted late last month that they have reached a 2-million Android users since the rollout began on May 21. On may 24 the app crossed 1-million users.

Moreover, Clubhouse also tweeted that the app is going to make available for everybody starting “sometime this summer.” This essentially means that no invitation will be required for users to join the platform. Now, you need to join the app. “That means the subsequent few updates are going to be about discovery, notifications, and fewer visible but vital improvements,”. The tweet said, implying fixes in the coming updates to make the Android version. It is up to parity with the iOS version.


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