How to speed up windows 10 laptop

fast speed windows 10

We often get frustrated nowadays by two things one, a piece of news about the spreading of COVID-19 and the other our loading computer. We want quick work. When anything starts working slow. So, firstly we would like to tackle and solve the problem. We use windows 10 for our PC and notebook/laptop because after the 4 January 2020 updating of window7 has closed. So many people are using now window 10. It has a good capability of programming.

When it slowdown, took more time for opening any program. Then you don’t need to remove this window and install a new one. You can go forward with the same w indow 10. Yes, it is true your window of Pc either it is I-book Dell, hp and accer, etc. they all will work more quickly in simple 10X faster by using these tips and tricks. After the reading, you will be able to speed up windows 10.


Do Amendments In Power Setting:

free power options

The one way to speed up Windows 10 is to change the power setting of your PC. Don’t keep your computer in Power safe mood. You can change its power setting by keeping it on high performance as compared to keeping on balanced performance. It will give you the oomph but it will consume more power. For the power setting open control panel in your PC, now select hardware the power option. There are two options Balanced performance and high performance. Select high performance in them.

Delete Useless Files:

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In most cases, Our PC is full down with useless data that does not provide any benefit but causes slow-speed windows. Preventing PC from this you should delete all these data. For this, you will go to the setting then open the System. There you will see the storage option. There will be an option above the storage bar to turn it on.
This will observe unnecessary files and automatically delete useless files.

Reset PC Windows:

Rest window

There is another option of reset window for speeding up PC this will remove slow speed. By this, your
data may or maybe not be deleted but it will uninstall all applications. Then you have to reinstall it. For doing this same process as like others. Go to the setting, click the option of Update and Security. There you have to select recovery. It, on the top, there will be the option of resetting your PC. Before resetting, you must keep a backup of your files.

Update your PC:


We often get notifications on our Cellphones and computers to update them. It is simply a guideline. We
should check it and if it looks for the betterment of the device. We should update it. Microsoft usually
presents updates to fix the problems like lagging, hanging, etc. Sometimes you get updates and want to use it or install it. It may delete your files. Therefore keep backup for your files. By applying these unique tips and tricks, you can get acquitment from slow speed window10 to speed up.

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