What bring windows 11 functions | requirements

windows 11 functions

As you know after the six years Microsoft launch new Windows 11 with the different functions. The new versions of of Windows brings different type of functions approved interface as well as changes the Windows 10. It include centrally aligned start menu and the great startup voice sound. It also come enhancements with multitasking and For gamming Like PC etc. Also the latest versions of the Windows 11 brings Microsoft Store that has great changes in this window including access to the Android Apps of your Smart phone.

Windows 11 contains different functions like new Wallpapers, different type of Animation effects, and also add the functions of high amazing sound.

According to fresh news about the windows 11 . The interface of windows 11 should be same to the Apple’s maOS and the google chrome OS. You will receive corner edges across menus and windows and also different type of widgets functions. Microsoft done with some clutter, it had on earlier Windows versions which are removed some features including Cortana and Skype that’s were a great functions of Windows 10. At last Microsoft get membership with intel to bring its intel Bridge runtime compiler to the new effective Windows version for running Android apps.

System requirements for windows 11

processor : 1 gigahertz and your device should be two , three more cores , processor 64 bit.

RAM : 2 GB RAM or greater , and storage should be 64 or greater.

Graphic cards : Compatible with DirectX 12 or later, and 2.0 driver.

TPM: 2.0 version you should have.

System fimware : secure Boot capable.

Display: 720p display, And 8 bits per color channel.

Internet connection: Yes! you should have internet connectivity .

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